29 October 2008

Medical Instruments

Assalamualaikum friends,

Medical instrument’s list is now available and order can be made. I would like to suggest to ALL my friends to make your orders as fast as possible, because, the price is on the rise now and will continue to rise...

I am sure, that you guys know that there are three (3) compulsory things that need to be purchased as soon as we reach our third year, they are:

a- Stethoscope

b- Tendon hammer

c- Pentorch

d- Doctor’s coat

There are several brands of stethoscope. Among them are: Littmann, Spirit and Kawa. According, to recommendation by seniors and lecturers, littmann is the current brand that is used now and it is undeniably good for our level. However, spirit is also good and cheaper, but it is of your choice to pick anyone of them. Another interesting fact about littman is that, it has 32 colours of PVC tubing.

Next, is the pentorch. There are several pentorch brands too, they are, spirit and energizer. Spirit pentorch is encased in a metal case meanwhile; energizer pentorch is encased in a plastic case. Both are good and used by our seniors, but energizer is soo much cheaper, but for those who wants to have some ‘style’ while working, spirit pentorch is the one for you.

Finally, the tendon hammer. So far, I have only one brand for this item J Thus, no choice have to be made and life is much simpler.

Owh wait! Not the end of it yet... lastly, doctor’s coat. There are two (2) types of fabric; polyester and cotton. Both materials are good, but polyester material lasts longer and it does not change colour. Meanwhile, cotton being cotton, it is comfortable but as time pass by, it changes colour. But the most important feature about these doctors’s coat, they are custom made! So, it will look nice on you.

So here comes the end, but before that, please remember:

1- make your order ASAP

2- there are three things to be purchased; stethoscope + tendon hammer + pentorch

No! Not the end yet. I have packages for my lovely friends!J Wait and see, ya~ List of medical instruments will be distributed soon!

[fatin kecik]

27 October 2008

doakan kami....

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sahabat yg disayangi..doakan agar majlis ini berjalan dgn lancar dan diredhai ALLAH..doakan agar majlis ini berlangsung dgn sederhana seperti yg kami harapkan... doakan agar kami bahagia menempuh alam baru...doa dr sahabat2 amat kami harapkan..

24 October 2008

New Look?

it's kinda hard to have a template that is preferable to everyone. help me please. i'll upload the raya pic later. the previous one doesn't look really good.

A Hero That Bleeds

I presume by now everyone already knew that in the night of Oct 22 2008, brothers of our batch were up to the challenge by partaking in a fiercely contested battle - 11th colony Futsal Inter-House Tournament. My congratulation and honour lies but to all of you my brothers.

In the name of the organizer and as a participant from Istana Team, which was initially on the paper tacitly assume to be the winner of the battle that could rob man from the reason of living, if he loses, personally pat on the back of OA Team (O=omar, A=atok) who had been eminently outstanding throughout the tournament to seize the title.

I portray the loss of Istana Team as not unusual and not very unexceptional as heroes do bleed sometimes. I candidly open and warmly welcome the loss as not a single man in this world could stay on top all the times. In a blink of an eye he could fall down and it's good to have had the bitter of losing at an early stage of life and learn from frustration is the most praiseworthy act of all.

As expected, more tournaments will come later on. We have had inter-fan club tournament but it was not very challenging since you know how great (M** U*D) fan club played. Haha. We have already conducted M** U*D FC vs non-M** U*D FC beforehand and well, definitely M** U*D fan club is unbeatable. InsyaAllah in 2 weeks we'll be having another inter-house tournament. But above all, keep in mind that all these tournaments are subjected to strengthening our brotherhood and I really hope that emotionalism is put aside during the tournament. One good thing to play under pressure is that it teaches us how to deal with difficulties and certainly our friendship are put into trial. We have nothing in our history or position to invite aggression. We have everything to beckon us to the cultivation of relations of peace and amity among us. Perhaps sister should conduct this kind of events so that you can sweat a bit.

23 October 2008

pengumuman feroz...

Assalamualaikum..this is feroz..PENTINGGG!!!

Aku nak explen sket pasal buku n brg clinical. Tak sempat kat kelas aritu. Masing2 nak blah cepat. Tolong baca dan sampai2kan.

Regarding buku,

Recommended for you to buy clinical examination talley atau clinical method Hutchinson sebelum clinical years. So semasa buku ni digunakan secara extensively masa 1st month of 3rd year nanti, taklah berlaku masalah buku takda dan sebagainya.
Masa 4th blok aku akan jual buku neuroanatomy.
Pathophysio lippincot supplier baru ni kata seratus lbeh. Xtau lbeh berapa.

Regarding barang clinical

1. Sepanjang 3rd year hanya ada 3 barang sahaja yang kita akan gunakan
• Stethoscope
• Tendon hammer
• Pen torch (2 jenis – plastic or besi)
• White coat (baju dokter)

2. Aku dah tanya senior regarding this. Ini adalah beberapa nasihat mereka. Tak caye, korang bley tanya diorang directly.

• Lecturer clinical expect kita to have stethoscope brand LITMANN sebab sensitivity and quality dia bagus untuk beginner mcm kita. Lgpun bleh pakai smpai jadi H/O and M/O nnt.

• Kalau nak stethoscop yang murah yang harga rm100 lbeh pun ada mcm jenama spirit, yang siap dengan BP measurement yang tak sampai rm100 pun ada, tapi no quality la. Kena sindir dengan lecturer je nanti.

• Kalau yang advance sgt pulak, tak sesuai bg beginner mcm kita. Baru nak blajar basic. So LITMANN lah yg jadi pilihan lecturer n senior.

• Barang2 laen mcm otoscope dll suma akan kita pakai masa 4th yr. So no need to rush now.

3. White coat akan dijual jugak dengan size S, M, L, XL, XXL. Harga rm50-60

4. Aku akan kuarkan borang oder untuk brg2 clinical masa 3rd blok. So borang yang circulate skrg ni kt sister bukanla saya yang punya. Ramai sister yang tanya, juz to clearkan kesalahfahaman. Kenapa 3rd blok? Sbb takda buku yang kena beli untuk blok tu. So taklah beban sgt. Lgpun JPA da masuk time tu kan. So simpan la duit and pakat oder time tu kay.

5. Barang2 ni aku amek drpd distributor yang terus dpd kilang dan bukannya KAMAL. So aku masih contact distributor utk survey harga yang paling murah utk korang. Stethoscope LITMANN aku dapat hrg murah around rm220-230. Tadi distributor kata, kalu total oder sampai 100unit, harga bleh murah lagi dpd rm220 Doa la lg untuk lg murah. Ameen

Tq Tq Tq…
Pesanan: Aku nak kawen jugak..kawen dengan buku..

15 October 2008

Open house

Assalamualaikum..To all, meh la dtg umah cik k, kita breakfast same2..
Tarikh: 19 okt 2008 (ahad)
Masa: 9.00pg-12.ootgh hari
menu (Insya-ALLAH): mi goreng, nasi lemak, roti canai, karipap,agar2
alamat: 73,Lrg Pmtg Badak Baru 30, perumahan Bkt Rangin

Kalo rasa nak sesat, contact cepat2..ingat lagi kan umah?huhu

12 October 2008

MSC AGM 2008

date : 14th October 2008
venue : lecture hall 1, Kulliyyah od Medicine
time : 4.45 pm - 6.60 pm


10 October 2008

surat seorang ibu.....

hayati lah....



ibu kepada seorang sahabat kita, saudara zhafri baru sahaja kembali menemui Illahi. Al-fatihah..moga ruh si mati di cucuri rahmat dan doakan moga sahabat kita tabah hadapi dugaan syawal ini...

08 October 2008