29 October 2008

Medical Instruments

Assalamualaikum friends,

Medical instrument’s list is now available and order can be made. I would like to suggest to ALL my friends to make your orders as fast as possible, because, the price is on the rise now and will continue to rise...

I am sure, that you guys know that there are three (3) compulsory things that need to be purchased as soon as we reach our third year, they are:

a- Stethoscope

b- Tendon hammer

c- Pentorch

d- Doctor’s coat

There are several brands of stethoscope. Among them are: Littmann, Spirit and Kawa. According, to recommendation by seniors and lecturers, littmann is the current brand that is used now and it is undeniably good for our level. However, spirit is also good and cheaper, but it is of your choice to pick anyone of them. Another interesting fact about littman is that, it has 32 colours of PVC tubing.

Next, is the pentorch. There are several pentorch brands too, they are, spirit and energizer. Spirit pentorch is encased in a metal case meanwhile; energizer pentorch is encased in a plastic case. Both are good and used by our seniors, but energizer is soo much cheaper, but for those who wants to have some ‘style’ while working, spirit pentorch is the one for you.

Finally, the tendon hammer. So far, I have only one brand for this item J Thus, no choice have to be made and life is much simpler.

Owh wait! Not the end of it yet... lastly, doctor’s coat. There are two (2) types of fabric; polyester and cotton. Both materials are good, but polyester material lasts longer and it does not change colour. Meanwhile, cotton being cotton, it is comfortable but as time pass by, it changes colour. But the most important feature about these doctors’s coat, they are custom made! So, it will look nice on you.

So here comes the end, but before that, please remember:

1- make your order ASAP

2- there are three things to be purchased; stethoscope + tendon hammer + pentorch

No! Not the end yet. I have packages for my lovely friends!J Wait and see, ya~ List of medical instruments will be distributed soon!

[fatin kecik]


amiodarone said...

fatin kecik?? fatin besar xde?? lol

swarley said...

sume kecik2 ar..hahaha