19 August 2008

my friend, my hobbies

apart from regurgitating what's in the medical textbooks, iium medical students, in general are "good" in talking only about two particular topics-
1. my friend
2. my hobbies

do you sense something wrong with this?
21-year old, second year medical students still emphasize on kindergarten level topics of presentation or public speaking.

when i was a kid, if i were called out to speak in public, these 2 topics were the first to cross my mind. isn't it an embarrassment for international level medical students to talk about it at a primary school pace?

*we would very much love to hear your replies. -john, ali


Anonymous said...

hmm...talking bout that..actly, its a good intention in order to improve our level of english, the english peer made the impromptu speech session.but, i think the objective has not been reached. its not that a 21yrs old medical stdnt dont know how to talk about other topics than my hobbies n my friends...but do u think that it is relevant to talk about serious matter during that time??i think some of us have some serious matters to talk bout but there r some of us who think that its the time to talk something light...besides,it's for 2mins only, n not everyone is listening coz they r busy packing thier bags.

during cclm, u can see that most give their opinions, showing that they can actually talk about more serious matter.

conc:it's all depends on time and the situation itself

"its my opinion..i dont know bout others =)"

comet-star said...

im agree with wut d previous comment said.. heh, but plz change ur title la.. x bez ar.. hihihi. juz tell people who u are.. ofkos,we'll respect u.. hihihihihihuihih

gadis said...

the actual motive of impromptu was to get people to talked in English. people were nervous, they surely choose to talk about sth they are comfortable of. It's not that they are incapable of talking about world issues and all. Not everyone can talk as fluently and confidently as you guys. We are learning.

conanwest said...

i thnk it would be a problem if they at least talk sumthin about dat topic.but from wat we already seen, some of thm juz say a sentence and finish.medical student.huh!grow up la!

conanwest said...

sori, mistake, "it wouldn't be a problem" actually.

Nadira said...

I mostly agree with Gadis n Anonymous.

My opinion: I think our classmates have a lot more going on in their heads then just what they actually say during class public speaking.

well,..I hope so anyways. :) hehe.

Skem, if you want to have an intelligent discussion, why don't you open a topic here in our blog, you never know, you might get interesting responses.

p/p/s-comet star, I think as long as those who are commenting are really actually our classmates, whats wrong with them remaining anonymous?? I would think its the opinions that count more.. dunno..

john- said...

gadis ...
i do agree tat u r learnin,BUT guess wat??U TOO SLOW...do u tink u need like 10 more yrs to finally be able to speak out loud...dont u tink sumting has 2 be done??sumtin from ur own initiative??

Ali G said...

first of all, i agree with nad that identity is not relevant here.
i think that the problem lies deeper than the topic itself, let alone world issues, even if someone has to talk about his/her friend, it doesnt have to be like ...

my friends name is ....
my friend likes ....
my friend .....

one doesnt have to be fluent to be able to speak above a kindergarten level. is the cause juzt zero effort? how can medical students be AFRAID to talk, its unbelievable

-comments or suggestions are appreciated

tawfeq said...

I heard d girls are mentionin my name as d one who post this 'my friend my hobbies', tho' it was my actual intention to bring out d topic. It's not my concern at all.

Yes nad, i'd be very keen on ignitin some discussion, just that i hope whoever comment would behave intelligently & in a professional manner.

In our MALAY culture, whoever speak up or be outspoken will be tagged as poyo la, all sorts of negative things, or at least be a laughing stock. It's deeply ingrained in our culture. I admit that sometimes i dare not to speak of certain things not because i'm afraid, but i hate how some will respond to it. And not all would welcome d idea of commenting on their shortcomings. It's kind of hard to have an intellectual discussion if we're resistant to criticisms. We should take heed of criticisms even when they are not fair. It provides way for improvement.

pesa bu"uk said...

da purpose of having da impromptu speech is actually juz to encourage ppl to come up front and say a few words of english...n by "few' i dont mean like 'ok good luck for minitest,bye"...

it is kinda frustrating sometimes to have ppl come up front n going blank n finally saying " i actually dont have any ideas wat to talk about"...da usual excuse to escape da impromptu..

its okay to talk about best frens n lite stuffs,but as a medical 2nd year university student we need to be more critical sometimes and matured with the way we talk etc...

but watever it is, da purpose is just to make sure ppl who often are quiet to have a feel of comin up front and actually sayin sumthin to the public...
i think in da future,ppl who come up front would be given topics to actually talk about... but on da other hand i do actually think that its suppose to be a spontaneous thing...ur free to talk about anything..i dont know...i guess da peer wants ur suggestions!!!

and please for those who are always impatiently packin up ur bags after class n nt bothering wat ppl are talkin abt up front, SHAME ON U!! ur nt only being rude to the speaker but also reflecting how nt supportive u r to the batch!!!

Anonymous said...
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opie said...

well, i think there's nothing wrong wif the topics. The thing is, the way we deliver the topics. Topic 'my friends' for example can be really interesting if we could deliver it maturely as a 2nd year medical student.Besides, genius are the people who can make simple things turn out to be extravagant. (i forgot who said this).

i would like to suggest:
the english peers can prepare topics (a lot of topics) before hand and the lucky person on that day will pick up a topic (randomly) and he/she will be given 2 minutes (for eg) to think bout it and talk.That would be fun. this is what we'd practised in my matric at perak.in this way, insyaAllah we wont encounter the words "i dont have any idea what to say".

eleventh colony said...

salam...hmm..thats y i said juz now.. mmg la name tak sepenting opinion yg diutarakan.. but look, tak bez la ble ade yg dah mula brani mencarut2 guna title annonymous..
hmm... sebagai admin, sy terkilan..
come on dude...grow up!! (^_^)

kehebatan said...

saya rasa terharu kerana kita akan menyambut bulan ramadhan beberapa hari lagi..marilah kita sama-sama menikmati ramadhan al-mubarak..tu je komen saya walaupn dok sabit sket pun dgn "my hobbies and my friends"....

Anonymous said...

i think it doesn't matter wthr we know or not who gave the opinion. coz for me, the important is the thought. at this age, we should know how to behave so that the incidence of 'mencarut2' wouldn't happen.we are 20-22 yrs old right?we should be matured...i agree wit opie.i think eng peer should come out with few topics before selecting the lucky person.
i agree wit tawfeq.i know tawfeq has so many intelligent topic to discuss, but some ppl won't react professionally.some ppl may not be able to accept others opinion,and that is y we can see in our malay culture, when somebody comment bout somethg, ppl will criticize them back and don't ever think back that may b he/she have a good point.
i also think that, we have to leave comment in a proper manner,not provoking and underestimate others.all of us come from diff backgrnd right....so...plz consider others.some may find it hard to xpress their thought in eng as they r not use to it...

john- said...

whoever yg mencarut 2 just proved tat he/she is indeed immature...instead of givin reasonable arguments, throwin such words didnt bring any benefits pun..
so to tis anonymous..grow sum balls...

opie said...

i dont think that the person who mencarut tu is from 11th colony. i cant think of anyone who could actually do that.


Anonymous said...

many of u are right.
like people do criticize and complaint.
but. pardon me. i say 'live with it!'
u can't change others but u can definitely change urself.
don't protect urself by not talking when ur opinion is being criticized.
in future, i think it's not just opinions but it can also be our actions that will be opposed by others.
so, view ur principles, stand with them and speak up! don't let others speak for u. u've an intelligent mind, show it. k
and do not look down on people when they are talking.
some people may have good things on their mind but we just couldn't think the same way that they do. after all, all people are unique in their own way. so, respect others opinions before u seek to be respected.
i think that by listening to others, we can evaluate the things in our hands. maybe we can add some things that we do not realize it's essential or pluz things that we do not need.

and small things like my friends or hobbies..don't belittle on them...
these are the things that make us who we are today.

i don't think the topic is the problem. but it has something to do with the way of thinking and elaborating.

anyway.this is my opinion.
the ball is in ur court.
remember.it's not for others to decide whether u have to accept or deny a statement. so,be free guyz! =)

Anonymous said...

kecewa2..ntah la knape ngan bangsa kite,bile orng xbrape fasih cakap orang putih,kite padang rendah...ntah la knape,hebat sngat ke bahasa bangsa yg pernah menjajah kite..adakah kte lbh mementingkan bahasa dr isi kandungan yg dperkatakan...bijak sngatkh orng yg fasih brbhasa english dr orng brckap melayu...hina sngt kah bahasa kite!! kite sedari english mmng penting utk mendalami ilmu tp kta makin lupa sehingga trlalu mengagungkan bahasa penjajah,nanti bila kite kerje,bhasa melayu gk kite gune,xkn nk speaking ngan mak cik2 n pkcik2...realistik la sket...kita orng malaysia,sapa lg nk ckp melayu kalo bkn kite..ntah la,kalo pemikiran yg terlalu mengagungkan bahasa orng putih nie disematkan...baek tukar je bhasa rasmi kte..bnyak contoh yg bleh kita pikirkan...plng terkesan dalam hati, 'orng melayu mintak izin nk cakap bahasa melayu di depan semua orng melayu"..iklan NST.."pelajar melayu (nmpak cam bijak r) kutuk pelajar melayu sbb xrti ckap orng putih bila pelancong tnye"...knape,BODOH sngat ke kte bile xpndai cakap english...plng terhina skali kt ujung iklan..senang dapat keje kalo pandai ckap english...persoalan skrng,knape kita xmaju2 berbanding negara jepun,german,perancis,rusia..nk kata diorang terer ckp putih,xdk la,pada hal mereka lg mengagungkan bhasa mereka sndri...persoalan nye...kita terlalu mementingkan bhasa drpd ilmu 2 sendiri..ILMU HAK ALLAH...yg dtngnye ngan pelbagai bahasa....

Anonymous said...

alah.... ramai je rakyat malaysia yang tere cakap orang putih tapi bila ckap kosong ..
bukan nya benda yang boleh dibanggakan, lain la klu Quran turun dalam bahasa orang putih,,

kuasa sesuatu bangsa itu dinilai pada 3 benda.
1- politik
2- adat budaya
3- bahasa

bangga dengan bahasa ingeris seperti aku bangga orang lain dapat distinction tapi bukan aku yang dapat..

masalah utama dengan orang yang cakap impromtu tu sebab dia tak serius, try dia serius ,mesti dapat ckap dengan elok..
conthya abang senyum kita, jarang nampak serus, tapi bila jawap soalan tym seminar, tepat 100% serta menjawab soalan,..Terkesima kami dibuatnya..

satu benda lagi yang patut kita tau, waktu tsunami kat aceh dulu, semua pasukan bantuan dari s.e.a tak menghadapi masalah komunikasi dengan penduduk tempatan kecuali pasukan bantuan dari singapura sebab diorang tak fasih bahasa melayu, so, lepas balik dari aceh, diorang tepaksa ajar tentera diorang dengan bahasa melayu sebab mereka berada di rantau yang menggunakan bahasa melayu..

sebenarnya drpada kita dok kalut pertahankan DEB, kita dahpun jual maruah kita dengan mengajar sains dan matmatik dalam bahsa ingeris,,

kat sini ada satu cita kanak2 rabina dengan sorang toke kedai..

sama2 lah kita amik pengajaran dari cerita diatas...
Hidup bahasa melayu..

1-ada satu cita lagi yang patut hampa tau.. lepas mlaka kena serang, banyak manuskrip melayu dibawa kejohor untuk disimpan, manuskrip2 tersebut dijaga dengan rapi dibawah kesultanan johor..
sewaktu British sampai ke tanah melayu, depa tekejut sebab hikayat2 melayu bernilai tinggi dari sudut kesusasteraan.

2-kemudian datanglah sorang mat saleh ni,, amik semua koleksi yang ada nak bawak pi britain ntuk disimpan kat libary kat sana,

3-tapi malangnya, kapal yg bawak manuskrip tersebut terbakar kat selat melaka, ada yang kata kapal tersebut sengja dibakar.

4- disebabkan peristiwa ini, Munsyi Abdulah menulis dalam bukunya bimbangkan anak2 mlyu akan jadi buta huruf pada masa depan..

5- nasib baik sejarah melyu karangan tun sri lanang tak terbakar, kalu tak, bila kita nak tau sejarah melaka. kena rujuk manuskrip belanda.

6-saja aku cita benda ni walaupun nampak menyimpang dari tajuk supaya melayu kita ni sedar skit, yang bakar
manuskrip tu setan putih ,pastu kita bangga cakap bahasa setan putih..


tawfeq said...

salam sejahtera sahabat2 sekalian.
saya amat tertarik dengan komen both anonymous stated above.

1. bahasa jiwa bangsa, tp tergadaikah bangsa dgn mempelajari bahasa lain dan mahir menggunakan bahasa lain? acquisition of knowledge should never be restricted to any degree, even if you label it as bahasa penjajah, it is one of the international language, worldwide spoken and known. knowledge sharing would be easier if you master other languages.

2. bukannya bodoh kalau x pandai english, tp tak ada inisiatif. in almost all universities, medium of teaching is in english, don't you find it difficult to learn?

3. quoting- "persoalan skrng,knape kita xmaju2 berbanding negara jepun,german,perancis,rusia..nk kata diorang terer ckp putih,xdk la,pada hal mereka lg mengagungkan bhasa mereka sndri...persoalan nye...kita terlalu mementingkan bhasa drpd ilmu 2 sendiri..ILMU HAK ALLAH...yg dtngnye ngan pelbagai bahasa...."--> i'm sorry to say but this is such a conservative arguments. perhaps you should re-learn history. in the history of modern world, they were the pioneers of almost everything. we accuse them of seeking knowledge from islamic civilization which was once on top of the world, and they succeeded by mastering other languages. they wouldnt have been where they are today if not by mastering other languages at the onset. so why are you so restrictive in being good in other language? even if you hate english so much, admit it that they are good. we learn from those who are good. learn from our enemies is the only way to defeat them.

you're questioning "kenape kita x maju2" well most probably because we have person like you.

4. i don't know what kind of personality that you have, but haven't you socialized your life even a bit? if you mix around in a national level conference, or even in a gathering of medical students, you'll notice that it's kinda hard to make friends if you're not good in english. you'll lose confidence and accuse them who were good in english as arrogant or poyo la, whereas you're the one who prohibited yourself from mingling around. typical malay conception.

5. tun dr. mahathir said that if we can't endure initial hardship, in which he was referring to learning maths and science in english, we'll go nowhere. i used to curse those stupid umno members who said that "tergadai maruah bangsa dgn belajar maths and science in english". damn conservative thinking.

6. quoting- "kuasa sesuatu bangsa itu dinilai pada 3 benda.
1- politik
2- adat budaya
3- bahasa"

did you say it based on your morality judgment? i'd say these 3 things reflect the greatness of nation-


malays are on the verge of losing political power, which is our last bastion, where do we hold on now?

fuck damn it melayu boleh.

a medical student said...

Interesting. I just found this site, accidentally while googling about something else. Next post, the poster should sign 'xoxo Gossip Girl' instead. Post something beneficial or something medical related instead of something so kiddie-like. Which leads to people biting each other's heads off.

Everyone has his/her own opinion. Respect other people's opinions please.

Yes, medical students have to talk, as in have to have the ability to converse/talk/convince others. You ladies and gents will be doctors, the future generation of important people of our country. But maybe some students are just slow-learners when it comes to languages. God knows. Maybe during your clinical years they'll be better? They HAVE to, if not they'll get left behind.

Anyways, IMO, it doesn't really matter what they want to talk about anyways. At least they DO talk when they get lucky. As much as the objective of this program is to improve the students' level/usage of english, you can't expect all of them to have the ability to talk like a pro speaker when they 'surprise-surprise' get chosen to go in front of the class and talk. And IMO, there's nothing wrong about 'my friends, my hobbies' talks, unless you say 'my name is.. i have 21 friends who are... and i love to..'. Fine, talk about yourself but with more confidence and more maturely I guess?

Not all medical students can talk fluently, especially in English impromptu. Next time try giving them the appropriate topics beforehand. Like 'you so have to talk about whatever we've just learnt in class just now' or some diseases or something. If you really wanna show off your so-called high brilliance-status of being a medical student, you can always awe your audience with your knowledge of anything medical related.

I am not a student of your batch nor am I from IIUM. But I am a medical student who've heard tons of stories about your batch, from your batch.

And to reply back to some, English is important, whether you like it or not. If you want to move forward and be better than the rest, master it. Yes, you'll get job easier if you master it. Yes, people will look up to you if you're good in it. Yes, it is important to actually know it since it's an international language. Don't compare our country with the well-developed countries, be it France or Japan. Since we, Malaysians cannot stand on our feet by ourselves 100%, just yet, we've to depend on others internationally hence we have to somehow, unavoidably, master the damn English language.

And bahasa adalah sebahagian daripada ilmu. Kenape nk mempertikaikan kita pentingkan bahasa lebih daripada ilmu plak? Bukankah kite semua diminta untuk menimba sbyk mungkin ilmu selagi hayat dikandung badan? Learning languages is counted as learning knowledge. The more language you master, the more knowledgeable you are. Why argue about it?

Takde siape yang banggakan English here. It depends on your perspective of it. Melayu memang boleh but boleh sgt ke if tak berkembang? I see that the objective of this program is indeed to improve the students' skills in this particular field of English public speaking. I support this program as it can help preparing the students to talk. Later on you'll be meeting a hell amount of patients, and from my experience, not all prefer conversing in Malay.

It tickles me how a simple topic can bring about a hell amount of mess.

Cheers to all medical students of IIUM, esp the 11th batch.

Anonymous said...

i think we need to have a forum in this website.arguing by commenting.one thing is commenting is not arguing nor discussing.
what eva..

pemerhati bebas said...

its getting 'hot' here..huhu
john,cant wait for ur group debate on cclm class.from ur comments,i wanna c how matured u r in debates..

Anonymous said...

salam.."we accuse them of seeking knowledge from islamic civilization which was once on top of the world, and they succeeded by mastering other languages. they wouldnt have been where they are today if not by mastering other languages at the onset." i admit that by mastering other languages you can acquire the knowledge but if we refer to history above, from my point of view they just learn languages to read or to understand the knownledge but did they practise speaking that languages until it become their 2nd language...if so, we would encounter many 'mat saleh" speak arabic....they just learn for the sake of knowledge and not to be proud of...so what i want to convey is that we cannot judge someone IQ based on speaking ability (this refer to post.."do you sense something wrong with this?
21-year old, second year medical students still emphasize on kindergarten level topics of presentation or public speaking.")I don't think that person is 'xbrape pandai', maybe other factors like fear of public speaking...For medical student to success in becoming a doctor, he or she must master english in order to read medical books...the point is TO ACQUIRE the KNOWLEDGE and to cummunicate with OTHER NATIONS..but people nowdays tend to speak even among malays and even btwn family members which is malay...

REgarding learn math and science in english....what is the purpose of education? In this context, to make sure the student understand the BASIC of the knowledge itself..I read in article state that"paling mudah hendak memahami sesuatu ilmu itu adalah dengan menggunakan bahasa ibunda sesuatu bangsa itu sendiri".

Kesian tngk budak2 kampung, dh la math n sains susah...ajar plak dalam bahasa inggeris..bahasa inggeris pun terangkak-rangkak, nk paham sains....baek xpyah blajar langsung...

stakat itu saja...mintak ampun n maap jika tersinggung mana2 pihak...just my personal view regarding this matter...

Anonymous said...

Oh for Christ's sake!

This batch has been doing English impromptu speeches since last year...

And the only progress made is still on the topic of 'friends and hobbies'? Seriously?

The person in charge of this is sure doing a crappy job!

Majority are already in their 20's, yes?

Look, if some of you don't feel the need to improve your English, why enroll into an ENGLISH SPEAKING university?

Just knock off the International in INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY...there's no meaning to the word if people continue making excuses for not wanting to speak in English.

Please do something about this narrow minded mentality, or else 11th-colony will get left behind.

p.s. Salute to those medical students who DO care in creating awareness of excelling in the English language in IIUM.

john- said...

2 pemerhati bebas...
Why on earth do u hv 2 attack me personaly??im not sayin tat im gud but i just wantd 2 bring up the issue..so tat ppl realize the important of it..

ali g said...

this is such a mess now, cursings and personal attacks, so many ppl getting unreasonably emotional.

of the four cardinal virtues in islam, two of them are courage and wisdom. if you ask any iium student are they afraid of death they will probably say no, they only fear Allah The almighty. but they fear speaking infront of an audience, which many (most certainly not me though) would say it is understandable, but at this level of study it shouldnt be that way. courage seems to have been misplaced.

all of us can understand and speak bahasa melayu reasonably well to converse with patients in the future, wouldnt it be wise to acquire the language of knowledge, the international language in this era? it is not arabic or greek or latin, it just happens to be english, bahasa penjajah or whatever, that is the reality today no matter how much anybody hates it.

i am not saying bahasa melayu is obsolete, it will never be. but mastering english will be of great benefit to everyone of us, to malaysia, and to islam.

there is no personal initiative being taken to settle this matter, the blame goes to the english peers, (is mama not doing his job? oops he is coming, better wrap this up quickly) well then we will try to plan more activities to make ya'll speak up ^^ dont anybody complain. haha

Fatin R said...

yeah many of the comments r sooo out of topics. isnt it abt the impromptu & eng peers activity?

good now that ali has said that more activities are needed. coz i think the impromptu is nt sufficient if its aim is to improve our eng speaking level. if u guys wana make it more effective i think the speech shoudn only be restricted to those who seem a bit quiet in class (like me). for encouragement we should bring out ppl who r excellent in speaking so that he/she can be an example for others to pursue.

i think ppl should be given the chance to talk anything they want, but in order to help any1 who's blurr or dont have any idea to say, i agree if some topics are provided.

anyhow, tho the impromptu may encourage ppl to speak up, on the other hand i think the eng speaking level wont be so much improved. its clear that eng language & communication skills are the barriers here, coz for sum, it require them sum effort just to speak in eng, whats more on voicing out any critical issues.

it shouldn only for the eng peers to think of, we should accept it if we'r nt good in speaking and take our own initiatives to improve. speaking in english IS IMPORTANT anyway. bt whether or nt we can talk on deep/critical issues that is out of concern now, coz i think every1 is actually capable of that. bt for sum who think they can talk better, why dun we give them a way =)

speeches dont reflect our TRUE intelligence, bt intelligent ppl should be ABLE to speak, be it any topics, in any language.

well john, i understand ur situation bt the way u take to encourage others was by hurting them. thats ur problem here. u should be wiser in using ur words next time. by stating "U tOO SLOW", in sum way ppl will think u r arrogant. this is just an advice.

one more think abt opinions, for me there's no absolute rite/wrong in them. its nt sumting to be judged, rather it would be of better value if every1 is ready to ponder and consider what other ppl have to say. dun have to admit we r rite/wrong in front of others, coz deep inside, we ourselves know what's better for us.


oalne said...

bersetuju ngan fatin. lek r. dah jd topik english vs. melayu lak. lebe penting, sume pun saudara dlm Islam yg ada niat nak tengok ummah sendiri berjaya. so, fokusla pada benda penting. :)

..rasanya y nak post & y nak komen msg2 kena berigt2 sket ttg cara menulis..

john- said...

hahahahhaha...thanks fatin, i do tink im a bit harsh in using words..but guess wat?? i made up the headline..yeepie, 30comments???..its proved tat ppl really do concern bout tis issue...n hopin they wuld take it seriously...
mission complete ; )

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is 2 minutes maaaa...
do u expect us to talk about anti-arryhtmic drug or epidemiology of smoking to reach so-called international level???
nobody can laaaa...
ya, we want to improve english or if not at least it can build up our self confident to speak at the front later in our life.
i am sure that our topic of my friend or my hobbies are not the same if it is given by kindergarten
children..of course we r better than them..

Anonymous said...

aku ckp dlm bm ok la kan.. dah lama gila aku tak guna bm.. asyik english je.. ok aku rasa xyah la emo2.. tujuan utama public speaking tu just nk bg org bercakap je kan.. biar la org tu nk cakap apa2 pn, asalkan dia bercakap. kan dah tercapai objektif utama.. ni takkan nk tmbah lagi syarat kena ckp benda2 kritikal.. susahla mcm tu.. kena bagi 5 minit kottt.. lagipun aku rasa, buat public speaking ni mcm takde kesan sgt.. pemalu mcm mane pm org tu, nnt masa seminar, lebih 10 minit jgk dia ckp, x perlu cakap2 kt depan 2 minit. so..pendapat aku, tak buat public speaking pun takpe.. aku tgk skrg tujuan public speaking tu mcm just for fun je.. tu pndapat aku saja.. kalo boleh tak payah la emo2 ye =)

Anonymous said...

john, aku tatau la kalo ko rase 'concern' tu word yg sesuai.. aku rase ramai yg tak puas hati sebnanye.. haih

Anonymous said...

oh yes, u can simply improve ur english just by speaking with your friends. u dont hafta be shy. bedal je speaking tu. grammar blakang cite. yg penting berani speak up. in a way, lama2 u'll be confident =)

faidhi said...

Assalamualaykum ya habibi. Ya Allah Ya Allah things turned out like this. SubhanaAllah you were able to share thoughts in various types of emotions . Well, thats good enough though. All of you are so good in voicing out opinions even though you actually did not produce voice. Waa.. I am impressed. Just need to improve a little bit in terms of choice of words.

Everyone got his/her own view on certain issues. This is a good sign. However, there is always room for improvement. Forgive what is wrong. Take what is
beneficial. It is impossibly impossible to have something achieved in totality. There must always be shortcomings here and there. But most importantly, the intention and effort we put will be viewed by Allah SWT, is it not?

We are approaching the half of ramadhan. So, its the time to shift up the gear. Lets exponentially increase the activities of ibadah. Purify our intention.

Faidhi: Dont ever forget to pray for our coming result. Hope it wont turn out like the latest minitest. May Allah bless us all.

son gohan said...

by the way, pe cer minitest hah? aku xde perasaan pn nk tgk minitest lps habis exam hari tuh..harharhar..dgr cite merundum jatuh dgn agak dahsyat..huhuhu

john- said...

assalamualaikum smua..
it seems tat im the 1 who being taggd as the bad guy here..n i assume fingers are being pointd at me...


sempena bulan syawal yg akn dtg nie..saya mohd nurizam aka johnny boy mengambil kesempatan utk meminta maaf zahir dn batin kpd sesiapa yg tersingung dn terase..peace XD

Anonymous said...

U shouldn't apologize for da 'my friends, my hobbies' blog ...you should be applauded for your efforts.
If anyone is da bad guyz, its da ones who were juz getting 'emotional' with da whole thing. And by bad guys I mean da uncivilized ppl, like da kelantans. They think they're so good, when they're not.

Much respect to john...peace.

medical student said...

Yeah, i agree.
Mohd nurizam x brslh pun.
Wateverla, hopefully these medic students learned their lesson.