18 September 2008

Ops, Here We Go back to the Issue


I just want to clear the misunderstanding, if there is. This is regarding a post entitled ''A Sad Beginning to Ramadhan''. Actually, as clearly indicated at the very bottom of the post, I copied it from http://iiumbloggers.com/2008/09/a-sad-beginning-to-ramadhan/ . So, the readers should respond in the shade of the writer, Master J, a blogger from Kulliyyah of Sciences if I am not mistaken.

My purpose of having posted the cited issue is to make us reflect on one verse of the quran surah Aali-'Imraan, 3:185 in relation to my article in my blog entitled 'Kullu Nafsin Zaaiqatul Maut'.

I was interested with few sentences in the post written by Master J: ''I hope this serves as a reminder to all of us on how we can never anticipate or know when our time will come,'' and ''The timing was just rubbing salt into the wound. 1 day before Ramadhan. That’s why people say (and I’ve said too) that we must always make the most of Ramadhan, because we never know if we will get the chance to live through the next one,'' of which are explained in my article too.

After all, the post is in the view of the writer, meaning to say it is up to the readers whether to accept it or not. The writer might cause a problem when he posted something that is not authentic and turned out to be controversial. He also got some comments from his fellows advicing him to check for its authenticity. I dropped a comment too. However, to be husnuzhon, i think the writer wanted to focus on the lesson from the story. And I think the post serves as an update to what is happening in our beloved iium community consisting of IIUM Gombak, Kuantan, CENFOS and not to forget Nilai. After all, he did not mention any specific names involved. In the Holy Quran, Allah also told us bad stories. These stories are for us to extract lessons and not to blame specific individuals and tribes.

And I, having cited the post without filtering every single information from it, appologize. My bad! Actually, the rule of quoting is legally like that, without removing or adding any additional information to it. But, maybe I should have stressed that the post was quoted from somewhere. Futhermore, I should have expressed my view regarding this issue too as I also have my personal opinion on the issue. Actually, I know about the story as my little brother is a friend of the boy in story. My brother is currently studying at CENFOS and he was among the first being informed. He also has a clear story about what happened and here is not the place to mention it.

It is not that I obviously do not know about the real story as commented by Prihatin saying “DO NOT make assumption if u obviously do not know the real story...", if the comment is for me. Or otherwise (i.e. if the comment is for the writer) there should be no problem =P.

To Prihatin, thanks anyway for your comment that made me feel like writing back. Actually I did not manage to read the whole comment as the post was deleted without me being informed at least one word :'( .

And again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Most importantly, we should take lesson from every event we heard or read, not to blame or criticize the subjects personally.

P/s: To our 12 sisters, be strong! Hope to hear more stories like that in the future. Haha just kidding!


im the one said...

honestly, im the Prihatin one. ok im sorry i didnt notice that u copied that thing from somewhere. the fact thats written there saying that the writer himself doesnt know what to think makes me feel like he's making assumption. its annoying when seeing ppl spreading the news when they dont really know the truth. well, if ure just interested in some sentences of the master j's article, i think u just have to quote that without having to copy and paste every single word. u know, that might lead to misunderstanding.

faidhi said...

Yeah there you are. I do not know who you are. People here are always like that. Commenting on something yet not showing his/her identity. Well, that is not a problem as what is important is the message not the commentor.

For this issue, Im not not blaming you anyways. Maybe after this i should highlight that "taken from http://www...." with the largest font+bold+different colour. Hehe. Ok my part is done. Thanks. May Allah bless us all.

prihatin said...

haha. well, if i tell u, u DO know me, seriously. yea u should use largest font+bold but with only one bright color. too many colors gives u headache. ok well, i think thats it. no offence. (sorry admin i know this kind of comment is not needed. i dont mind if it is deleted =D)

yang sedih said...

jangan gado2...
yang da pegi, kite doakan je...
apa yang da berlaku, 2 urusan Allah...yang mampu kite wat, doakan...

iryany said...

ye btul2..
sy setuju dgn encik d atas..
xsangka pkara ni masuk blog..
jgn penting,doakan dia..n ingatlah,msa kita akan tiba..

iryany said...

alamak.slh taip..bkn jgn..*yg

faidhi said...

Dah hampir sebulan.. Smoga Arwah mendapat syurga Allah.

Lagi berita pemergian warga iium, doakan


Anonymous said...


telling bad stories for lessons is allowed...
even in the quran, allah had even remind rasullullah's wives when they'r wrong.i read this in I magazine.the one with maza on the front page.
the article is for lessons...not for judging others..
i think the writer's not wrong if the story is true.
as he had already said that his intention is not to humiliate the death of our ikhwah.
if it's untrue, then he's wrong for lying.as lying is always wrong.
faidhi..u said that the writer doesn't know the real story..
and u know the real story.
what i understand is.u said that u know someone who's a friend to the boy in the story.so, it sounds like the story is true.cuz if the story is not true,then there should be no boy involved.i'm sorry if i'm wrong.but ur facts r vague.when u argue, u need to state a clear facts. u'r arguing publicly, so, i think it's ok to reveal it publicly ur reasons.if u think it's private,u should discuss personally with the master J.i think u know who he is.if u don't i do..
i think thiz is a simple things.
u guyz are exaggerating. the message of the story, don't go dating as it's an obvious sin.it's a thing people do intentionally.so, if anything happens during the date, it's a big regret for the persons involved as we r all accountd for all of our sins. and this message is of course for those who are still breathing the air that allah have provided only.
sorry if i'm wrong in anyway. =)
anyway, addin nasihah.
may allahyarham be in peace.

faidhi said...


I thought the issue has been put to a fullstop. And so I was wrong.

Thanks dr-jr for ur deep honest concern and nasihah. I appreciate that.

However again my words are wrongly understood. I never said that the writer doesnt know the real story, did I? The most is i mentioned that the writer might have posted something that is not authentic, which never reflects like u claimed.

The one saying the statement is one commentator, PRIHATIN, who wanted his/her identity to remain secret. And I think the font for 'Prihatin' was set Bold. Plus the statement was coloured blue.


“It is not that I obviously do not know about the real story as commented by Prihatin saying “DO NOT make assumption if u obviously do not know the real story...", if the comment is for me. Or otherwise (i.e. if the comment is for the writer) there should be no problem =P."

From the quotation above, what i meant was if the comment is for the writer(i.e. Master J), then the argument should have been between Prihatin and Master J, without me getting involved.

But, the problem lies when Prihatin didnt notice that i quoted the article from Master J. That was why i wrote back, with the intention to clear the misunderstanding. And after reading my reply, Prihatin did appologize. So my part supposedly stopped there. I wouldnt have to write back if the comment was for Master J.

Quoting back ur comment:

“the message of the story, don't go dating as it's an obvious sin.it's a thing people do intentionally.so, if anything happens during the date, it's a big regret for the persons involved as we r all accountd for all of our sins."

--> I guess many would disagree with the statement because it says something bad about the dead which only Allah knows whether the fact is true or vice versa. Plus everybody wants to switch the story off.

You know, about a couple of hours back, during my ziarah on 1 Syawal, i met one lecturer of CFSIIUM, or rather an ustaz. He was among the ones sending the jenazah back to the village. When asked, he said that the story should be stopped before becoming a spreading news. But that was after telling the story to me =).

The reason is that if we were in the shoes of the family members, we also would not want something bad about the dead to be uttered.

And for that reason, I beg this issue stops here. I dont want to turn this discussion into debate or something, which consume lots of our precious time.

Thank you for everybody's concern. The purpose of this reply is neither to blame anybody nor criticize anybody's opinion. In fact, all comments reflect the sincerity and deep concerns of people off the screen.

It has been more than one month since arwah left this temporary world. Lets us just pray for her. May she be rewarded jannatullah, Aameen.

Anonymous said...

ohh my God. i cant believe the ppl here are concern about each other. really? do they? im sorry, but i think u ppl really love to talk, talk, talk and argue, argue, and argue which eventually leads to nothing. u know, action speaks louder than words. ppl talk like they really care, but actually they dont. its sooo funny to see u pretend like u care yet the reality is u dont give a demn about the ppl around u. talk as much as u want, but plz, if its not done with a right attitude, nobody will listen. sorry if this is harsh, but im trying to voice my feelings out

Anonymous said...

OMG again!i cannot believe u people. arguing for nothing. talk a lot but do nothing. star-pid or stu-pid? is this ur typical medical batch or uia in general? what a shame. come on, do not look like an idiot. walk the talk please.

Final comentator have said...


I think all of us should distinguish arguing for nothing from telling the truth.

I think we should get to know what happened from the beginning and not to comment on what we do not know in details. Futhermore, interrupting is acceptable. But if it is done when one is not knowing what really happens, it is not helpful though.

It is good to voice out our opinion but when it involves saying bad things about others e.g. stupid, idiot or the like, that might hurt. And so sad it is in the month of Syawal where people forgive one another.

Telling people to wise up is also very good. However, one should always start for him/herself. Then only the qudwah will be followed.

At first, it was no problem. But when there are too many people voicing out their opinion, there only the problem comes.

And enough is enough!!!

And i dont know if some of you regard this comment as a so-called argument rather than a sincere advice.


skm said...

hehe. ape la. emotional sensation. cukup2 la tu ye kawan2. buang yg keruh, ambil yg jernih

faidhi said...

Btul tu skm, aku rase takde pape pon sbenarnye tu. Dorang saje-saje nak bermesra-mesra di hari raye nan mulia ni.

bukan faidhi atau skm said...

haha. hebat sungguh kalau perli cara halus ya. by the way, aku rasa bukan bulan syawal je masa utk org mnta maaf. bila2 pun boleh. sebelum tidur pn digalakkan memaafkan org lain. haih. emotional tu biase lah. hormonal imbalance. doesnt matter ladies or gentlements. sama jaa

getdota.com said...


Anonymous said...


kwn2 korang la said...

1 bad news from gombak.....
our fenzs who are also from our batch at matric involved in an accident just 500m from TOL GOMBAK....they OTW to main campus

p/s:dgr cte da y trcampak kuar dr keta....