02 July 2009

Pre-Conference of 11th PPIM Annual Scientific Meeting


Nadirah and I are representing PPIM Student Chapter in IIUM. PPIM has several big upcoming events. Open to all medical students. Just text us if you want to join or get involved. We will deal with the registration and transport. Thank you.
Tawfeq 012- 297 33 44
Nik Nadirah 013- 968 00 62

For more details, visit http://preconference09.blogspot.com/


mcm nk g said...

prog mcm byk dgr ceramah je???

skm said...

Mostly talk but notice that all the speakers are the most prominent doctors in our country. I personally know two of the speakers and i got to say that i've never seen such critical thinkers. Sorry the quota has been filled, no more left. Next year maybe. ;-)

harapan palsu said...


baru post entry dah penuh? apelah skem..kiciwa jer...harapan palsu

skm said...

ala sory. hhehe. atas arahan boss. aku hanya menurut perintah. uia hantar 8 reps. batch kita je dah 4. sory ye.

mcm nk g said...

aku mmg nak g!!!!kecewa....