18 December 2008

stil in disbelief

its been a while since i wanted to make this post but i just never got around to it, john has already partly said what i have meant to say for a long time. FIRSTLY i disagree that the problem is only in the back row. .

ever notice that the class is always noisy? especially when thr is no lecturer. remember that time back in primary school, no teacher in the classroom, everyone is yapping away, then someone yells that the guru disiplin is walking down the aisle, its magic how all the havoc disappears and evryone is seated and quiet in a second. BUT if it is just a kind substitute teacher then there is a possibility everyone is stil noisy and the teachers presence makes no difference.
this seems to be the situation right now, not every class fo course but more than once in a while. i dont want to say if i am talking about guys or girls because Dr. Ni Ni already said it in lecture yesterday. if dr Ni Ni or MMC are in the class, so many are stil talking and it is so noisy, not only in the back, all over. but if Dr Imad(microb) or Prof Naznin is lecturing, everyone shuts their yap. what is that about? is it respect or fear? so what i want to say is just this, if you do make it to class (i admit sometimes i dont) and you are stil awake. it doesnt matter where you are sitting, respect the professor and respect the lecture and do everyone a favour by being quiet.

SECONDLY and perhaps much more important is something i should have made a point months ago. this is regarding our visit to the hospital last block for a class with Dr Kyaw and he asked us to visit the ward. on the way to the lift lobby, we were marching like an angry mob with all the noise we were making even while waiting for the lift then we got news that we had to turn back and everyone jz had to make their own sounds of disappointment. all the 'oooooohhh's and the 'alaaaaaaaaaaa's the whole group was so noisy all the way in and all the way out and i want to emphasize that it was especially noisy in the lift lobby.

for God's sake please understand what is a hospital. did anybody other than me realize the looks on the patients and their family walking around and waiting for the lift? can you imagine what they may be waiting for? i did realize some were happy, maybe welcoming a nephew into this world, some were neutral, perhaps thr for a blood test or something, and some had a genuine look of concern on their faces, who knows what news they were dreading to hear. but the whole lot of them were staring at our batch, frankly i am surprised they didnt throw anything at us, thinking we were at disneyland. again i wont say guys or girls cuz you should know, the whole friggin hospital heard you.

arent you ashamed of yourselves?
please take some time to think deeply about this

- Ali G


skm said...

Ali orange jom

Anonymous said...

Salam. I agree wth ur teguran tu.but i think u should try tegur dgn cr lbh sopan.
ni story plak ni, sy rs kt prlu rspct soaln2 yg kwn kt cb tnye lectrr in clss.jgn la m'mndg rendah org yg bertanye jl soaln depa tu kt dah tau.mgkn dia krg faham.kdg2,mende yg kt mdh faham,ade jg org yg lmbt ckt faham.jd, hormatilah soaln mrk.anggaplh itu utk lbh mmbr kt kfhmn atau lekat trs kat kepala,InsyaAllah.Wallahua'lam

safwan said...

ali..jom dota..

nedved said...

tunnel liao..

Anonymous said...

And the drama continues...'my friends and hobbies part 2'?

Anonymous said...

People at the back have always been noisy..I'm sori if this comment hurts anybody.

saya xtolo said...

nk senyap dok tanah perkuburn la..hahaha
Sa2 lg,kalo xleh nk gurau,g masuk surau!

Anonymous said...

I think this is not the appropriate place where u should be complaining on the others’ misbehavior. Don’t u feel ashamed if the outsiders read it? I understand ur points, n what u guyz r trying to deliver. Anyhow, no1 is perfect in this world, in term of manner…n if we want to complain every single misdoing of others, we’ll never finish it even till we die. When it comes to the part of criticizing others, mmg meriah la blog ni.

I was not there at the lobby during that time. if I was, yeah I might b a bit embarrassed. Bt u kno what? Sumhow I feel more ashamed thinking that our juniors, seniors, lecturers or any1 else in this world that might be reading all these things here in this blog, including the chat box.
Well, the thing ended rite at that spot of the lobby. No makcik/pakcik/patient that is going to see us n actually remembers that, saying “oh ni la budak2 yg buat bising dulu…”
But what will the world says about us when they read this blog? 11th batch medical students from IIUM:- suka buat kecoh/bising, pastu bergaduh sesame sndri on small matters.

See the point?

So please post sumtin that is useful enuf for everybody to read, sumting that is CONSTRUCTIVE. Sumtin that each n every1 of us can appreciate n enjoy. not all these little n petty things. Dhla x improve ape pn, lg memburukkn keadaan n hubungn sesame sndri adelah. Bahasa tu mmg sgt penting, bila nk tegur org contohilah cara kak aisyah/aiman. Lg baik kalau ada ayat2 Quran/hadith yg bole support point korang. If ur intention is really genuine, just go to the front saying that u r not comfortable with all the noises, n that u cant really focus. that way ppl may listen n respect ur rights.

anyway dont u guyz remember how u were being hypocrite by sitting at the very front rows durng dr syarif, or any clinical lecturers' classes? was it fear/respect? the condition is very much...the same la~...kalau dh tau ada buat salah, bising ke, dtg lmbt ke, ape2 pn, sila la berubah.

N tolong la jgn syok sendiri je kt blog ni...ni bkn blog individual. ayat2 dlm chat box kita tu mmg power, kagum2. Tp bkn semua org bole terima….so klau nk berbahasa berbunga2 sgt, pegi la buat blog sndri...xde sape bole halang, ok?

Anonymous said...

i rs org kt atas ni sgt emo lah...gosh we're no longer kindergarten kids arent we? wats da big deal of making a HUge Fuss over noises in da class...eventho da gals r kinda barbaric at times...opss...

safwan said...

x kesahla papepon, ali jom dota

Anonymous said...

sakit leher doh dok kt dpn 2. aku nye scm kene krja krs kalo dok kt dpn, nnti leh dpt mscl stiffness (haha). if u galz don't u'stand gi la dok kt dpn 2. (hihi)

anyway, psl bsg 2, aku igt 2 cume cr nk lps stress, sbb jd bdk mdc ni cuti tk byk, dlm 5 thn ni hmpr sume mase abes kt u, so kalo x enjoy life kt cni ssh la idup, you're going to live through HELL. anyway, AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN.

huhu, grow up ppl.

skm said...

Sounds interestin hearing some said kalau nk bg ayat power2 ke g buat blog sndiri. I was about 2 say bull***t, ops it's not my blog, since i thought girls r pretty damn agitated if any kind of posts sound critical.
Bt seriously, this blog kinda miserable with evry1 keeps joking around all d time.

Anonymous said...

1st thing bile bace comment2 kt sini lg2 yg kt bwh2 nie, rse sedih sgt. y U student then in islamic U n also a muslim, bleh mengeluarkn kate2 yg saaangattt menyakitkn hati org? dumb **s. bull***t. ape yg u all rse ble ckp bende2 cam nie? 1 kebanggaan? x ke memalukan ble org2 len not from our batch bukak n bce blog nie. what they will think about us? 2nd yr medical student..doctor to be..emmm..think guys?

n plz be mature n jgn jdikn blog kte nie tmpt peperangan.

not that dumb yet said...

ala korang ni kecoh aaa....takkan la tak ckp langsung dlm kelas...nak jadi batu ke static je takyah berkata sepatah pun.... fhm2 sendiri sudahla, bile lecturer masuk diam je la...isk mcm budak2 kecik, anyway,kite tu dah cukup bagus ke nak tegur2 org? byk lagi yg tak betul wen u point ur finger towards others... n guys, using offensive words might be not be appropriate wen describing ppl at the back who actually might be smarter than u? have forums that are constructive in regards to the posts and discussions...n by the way,dumba...distinction ke u tu??

chinamui said...

i suppose everyone has their own ideas on how a medical student should be like.yes indeed life is short and there's no time to waste. but to me what you are studying is a profession to look up to, and be serious when in need. the act of respecting lecturers is so minute nowadays, moreover this comes from students which are bound to set examples to younger generations in the future, and to save lives.. yes indeed that the way to convey such message of how 2nd year medic students should conduct their very own behaviour is a bit harsh where there's no proper interaction, but it is a time to reflect on each of your very own personality and straighten yourselfs up on why being a medical student.i certainly wont want consultation from a hanky panky doctor. half of you may view the world as 21+ year olds, of being young and carefree.. but do it in a modest way.the word respect is so difficult to preserve.do know this, medic students, your choice of degree is a profession and you have to have certain standards in terms of behaving as one. it's what i think. pardon me for my harsh and perhaps illogical point of view.

Ali G said...

Askm, thank you all for your comments. hearteningly there was one who did not deny or deflect and understood what i was trying to say. the theme of comments are that i am too harsh and i should look in a mirror before saying anything right? that i need to score a distinction to give my points.
anonymous said i am being a hypocrite for sitting infront for certain lecturers classes, i sat infront because they asked us guys to do so, i always sit at my usual place otherwise. its not the same thing and nobody denied that the class is more noisy for lenient lecturers, if you are similarizing(is this an actual word) the two situations then you are implying that you wont be quiet unless the prof asks you to. haha. oh and by the way, that day at the hospital, it was not resolved on the spot, it was friggin noisy all the way back out through the corridors until we reached outside as thr was no echo.
as for outsiders reading what is here, it should make me feel ashamed? what is going through my mind is 'oh no the worst has come to be, what do we do now that THE TRUTH is said' im sure everyone, every school and so on has their own problems.
i will never apologise for telling the truth, i believe in being straight forward. i did not attack anybody personally or mention any names.
my points are not constructive you said, i am raising critical issues, dont be in denial. i will not hog this blog anymore and all further posts will be made at my own blog


for those of you who are open minded, i would like to hear your comments, for the rest of you,
whatever makes you happy

lastly thanks to chinamui for your views as an outsider,
to safwan and skem;

duh? said...

dunno bout other people and why they talk, but, hehe.. (sorry Ali) i love talking in class.

it helps understanding (if i clarify with my friend what the lecturer just said) and also helps relieve boredom (if i make small jokes in the middle of a reallllyy boring lecture).

when i'm too loud the people sitting in front will turn and give a look- so i tone it down a bit, but.. if you want me to stop completely....well, i guess if it really bothered other people that much... id think about it... :)

Anonymous said...

aku sarankan nk tegur tu cube la gune ayat seringkas yg mungkin. short n sweet. penat doh aku nk bace panjang2

Ali G said...

dear duh?,
i already said personally it is not a problem for me, the problem is that it is a noisy environment for whoever cant stand it. if someone asks a friend for clarification, that is really good is it not? i try to do that too, as long as we are not too loud i dont think others will mind. but why are you saying 'if i want you to stop completely' haha. i am just stating my opinion, i am not setting a law or dictating. i think by now we can decide with pretty decent certainty what is right and wrong. decide yourselves

Anonymous said...

point yg aku dpt:
1. jgn bising sgt dlm class..kalo nk ckp boleh tp dlm nada yg x menggangu org
2. respect lcturer xkisah la mereka tu garang ke x..
3. nk tegur org dgn menggunakan kate2 yg tak menguris hati
4. student 11th batch suke membesarkan hal yg kecik..sorry kalo terase..
5. ada student 11th colony yg masih belum matang dan rasional dlm berfikir..sorry once again..
6. terima teguran dgn hati yg terbuka dan jgn cepat melenting..

Anonymous said...

bising pn nk tegur????x matang gler ali!!!!
bising sampai org laen nk kene tegur????x matang gler sape2 yg bising!!!!hahahahaha

Medical Student said...

You know what...speaking as a completely objective third party observer, with absolutely no personal interest in the matter...i'm not so sure that you guys are ever gonna resort this 'problem'. But, i gotta give you guys 2 thumbs up...all the bickering and squabbling...its just like a FUNNY never-ending soap opera! JOHNNY BOY and ALI-G...u guys rock man!

johnny boy said...

i guess tat wallpaper on lecture hall 2day is subtle enuf..haha,regardless of it,im stil gona apologize 4 using such words in describing or appointing opinion...well,im didnt mention any names,so the "dumb asses" is general n 4 da record,I DIDNT even MEAN IT..huhuh,it came out of sudden involuntarily...hahaha,however,im not apologizing 4 bringin up da issues...truth has 2 be said.

n 4 GOD'S SAKE,its not an opera,my fren my hobbies part2 or neither anyting similar...

Anonymous said...

ali, u have ur own blog, am i right? and im quoting here, ''for those of you who are open minded, i would like to hear your comments, for the rest of you''. r u tryna say that u're the open-minded kinda ppl? well, i think if u do, plz talk in front of the crowd. not here. or r u just afraid that ppl will be getting angry when u raise the issue? correct me if im wrong. i think e real open-minded ppl are the ppl who r brave enough to state their opinion n speak in front of others without having emotional problem. or in other words, they think and respond rationally. yes u're damn good in conveying the msg with those beautiful english words, but i dont think ppl get ur msg, instead, they're being angry. why dont u come in front of the clss someday and tell what u feel, with appropriate words, of course. aku rasa tak ada org akan balas..''biarla nk bising pun weii...hahahahahahaha'' masa ko ckp kt depan nanti. tats all.

Miyake~ said...

i think we all have our own views and opinions on certain issues or things..however it is always respectful to express them in a polite gesture..by that way,nt only our messages would b understood but ppl might actually listen and not get offended.. totally there's nothing wrong with what syed ali has posted here... wat he said certainly has enlightened me somehow in regards to my frequency and decibels of noise that i make sometimes..haha..neways, i was in da batch of ppl who actually went to da hospital n gt frustrated over da denied visit to da wards..n somehow the utterance of so called frustrated" alaaaa" came out..bt i didnt realize that,glad that ali did cz without this post i wouldnt have realized the fact that it was intimidating to the ppl visiting to the hospital..all ali did was just trying to convey what he felt as unprofessional or unethical..there were of course a post earlier made by this particular person(i'm sure u knw who) who wasn't very careful with his usage of words..ANYHOW..he has alredi apologized..for some ppl using such words are nt 'membanggakan' like wat a particular comment has mentioned..it was perhaps a spontaneous thing that came out rite while he was trying to express his dissatisfaction..some ppl would really prefer to stay focused in class rather than listening to all the chit chattings at the back which can be of annoying level at times.. i was somehow shocked at the usage of a particular word used in describing the backbenchers..bt im sure he didnt actually mean it..boys sometimes tend to use words like"tolo,siot or natang ke' bt they meant no harm pun...just something that was faltered..to forgive is always divine isn't it??

whenever we have discussions,have it with an open mind..i knw critics are sometimes despicable to hear especially wen ur wrong,bt hey thankfully we're in an islamic environment where ppl actually still care for one another..isnt that wat islam's all abt? caring for ur brothers and sisters?


Ali G said...

hey anonymous december 22 4.10pm,
i dont like to take other ppls time so i dont ask anyone to stay back for something they might not want to hear,since not everyone was unbelievably noisy that day. if i were to go infront of class and say what i want, i dont mind, i can do it anyday. its just that with a blog, whoever wants to read it can and they can really take their time to think and come up with a reply, if they are bothered or want to say something. furthermore if i said anything in class, would anyone respond? seriously? you said so yourself that nobody would. sadly, it is only in the wonderful anonymity of the internet that people dare to voice out most of the time, and i was dying to hear your replies.
oh and, i said 'for those who were open minded', did i say i was open minded? did i say you were not? gosh dont be so emo . .
i tell you what, since you seem so unreasonably pissed off, why dont you tell me who you are,i want to meet you in person and talk to you and find out face to face why you are so angry, did i do something wrong? since you are 'anonymous' i bet you wont dare put your name here so get my number from someone else then give me a buzz. i promise i will be calm when talking, my offer is real, waiting.
oh and by the way you are completely ignoring the point i was trying to make when i posted 'stil in disbelief' which is actually what i was hoping to be the topic of comments.

and to 'Medical Student' haha thanks for your views dude, you seem cool, read my blog will ya

to Miyake~, IF WHAT I SAID REALLY DID HELP AND NOT JUST MAKE PEOPLE ANGRY, i sincerely thank you for making that known. you are one of the few who did not deny or deflect anywhere else.kudos

again thanks to everyone for their comments, you are always welcome to state your opinions and so am i ^^

anon December 22, 2008 4:10 PM said...

wao your are so FUNNY dude. u know what. seriously aku x emo langsung pun ms aku taip comment tu. ke aku silap, ko ade sixth sense? boleh terus tau tone setiap komen yg diberi? please, please n please, inilah problem kalau convey msg thru typing. xkesahla sms ataupun chatting, n comment mcm ni. boleh disalah anggap. by the way, aku la the anonymous December 22, 2008 4:10 PM =)

Ali G said...

seriously i am losing interest in your points, i dont know what you are trying to make out. why dont you start a new post and explain what you are trying to say here. if you wana post a comment here then pls make it related to the post. thank you.

alley said...

ali g, this is not ur blog tho. aku rase byk je komen x berkaitan dgn post2 dlm blog ni. dont be emotional la. u said that anon was emo, but dont u realize u've overreacted too? haiyaa

Anonymous said...

mcm kanak2 tadika..
malunye saye jadi part of the class yg asyik bergaduh ttg hal yg remeh temh ini.. (no offense)

im not perfect.
u r not prefect either.

u love to comment on people mistakes.
i love to do that too.

sume org pon same je.

but u, u have to use better words.
teguran itu kan adalah sesuatu yg susah untuk diterima oleh ramai orang, jadi gunela cara lembut untuk menasihati.

be nice okayh =)

Anonymous said...

my comment has nothing to do with this post. i just want to say that, sometimes its hard for ppl to be nice because of their ego.

chinamui said...

over and out, cincau lover~

Ali G said...

ok i think thats enough for this post, yes i do realize this is not my blog thats why i do not want to post anything else here. furthermore it was a mistake to respond to emo with emo. haha. i jz want to end with a comment that was posted on my blog.

"Observant said...

Heiy..i've been following the 11th-Colony's. And ur post on bising2 kat hospital . . .

I juz thought that people should accept other's opinion, justify, think and sape2 yg makan cili terase pedas tu hanya perlu change. .. .."

lets all improve ourselves always. we can and will make a difference for the better, God willing